Common Questions

Do you open accounts for businesses?

Yes, we will open an account for your business. Our accounts are available for any size business, from small businesses to corporations and even municipalities. Please contact us with your inquiry if you are interested in holding an account with us.

What are IRs and Close Outs?

IR is an abbreviation for "Irregular." Items marked IR are commonly misunderstood to be damaged goods. This is not the case! These items are very much wearable, as the defects are most often unnoticeable. Common flaws in these items include irregular dye lots, runs, tags, and may even be close out items.

Close outs are the items that are left over when a company changes labels, discontinues a color or style, or eliminates a product from their line. There is nothing wrong with these items; they are simply obsolete and must be sold to make way for a company's new products. This means that you get a high quality product at a discounted price.

Since a selection of our stock is made up of IRs and close outs, we cannot guarantee specific sizes, styles or quantities on certain items.

What is your return policy?

We will honor an exchange or refund within 15 days of the date of purchase. You must have the original receipt and the item must have the manufacturer's tag and label intact. No returns or exchanges will be honored for an item that is marked "final sale" or that has been washed or worn.

All IR work clothes are a NO MONEY BACK. We will accept them for exchanges only.

Why do you ask for a driver's license with debit or credit card purchases?

We will ask you for a driver's license number when you make a payment with a debit or credit card as an added measure of fraud prevention. This is for our protection as well as yours.

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